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I am so very excited that you’re here! I have wanted a blog site for over a year, and now I’ve taken the plunge and created one.

I am a full service photographer specializing in weddings, families, and high school seniors. My #1 goal is to take care of my client and to give them an inspiring and uplifting photographic experience they will never forget. I handle all the hard stuff so that you can relax and keep the smiles coming!

My blog is my place to show off my special clients and their fantastic and real lives. I want you to see them how I see them, as beautiful and wonderful people. Visit often, I will be posting every session that comes my way along with some tips and tricks for you to look and be your best in front of the camera.

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Bri & Hans – La Crosse, WI Wedding Photographer

There is so much to say about this wonderful couple and their spectacular downtown La Crosse wedding! First things first, if you know Bri & Hans, you know that they are the easiest people to get along with. They were 100% trusting, and I instantly became friends with them! They are kind and caring and made sure that their favorite people were all part of their special day.

The wedding party dressed for the day at The Charmant Hotel. It was the perfect setting for detail and getting ready photos as well as the super emotional first look! After the couple had some time together we took a few steps from The Charmant to Riverside park. The couple had a GORGEOUS summer day so we captured all of their wedding party photos down at Riverside Park.

Bri and Hans opted for an outdoor ceremony overlooking the Mississippi River. It was spectacular! Family and friends partook in the intimate ceremony with an amazing backdrop of the flowing water. Many happy tears were shed, including my own! 😉

Dinner, dessert, speeches, and the first dance were all held at The Waterfront. As always, service and decor was impeccable there. The atmosphere was intimate, warm, and full of love. Before leaving for the night, I captured some really touching moments of the couple together down near the water during their private session. They were able to totally relax and be themselves, something I loved photographing.

Bri and Hans, you are such stand-out people. You care so much for one another and for others! I clicked with you instantly after meeting you and I am SO happy that I was able to photograph your love story. However, above all, I am so happy to be your friend. I wish you all the happiness in the world!


Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_1Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_2Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_3Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_4Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_5Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_6Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_7Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_8Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_9Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_10Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_11Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_12Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_13Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_14Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_15Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_16Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_17Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_18Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_19Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_20Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_21Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_22Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_23Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_24Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_25Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_26Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_27Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_28Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_29Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_30Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_31Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_32Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_33Charmant Hotel_La Crosse Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Waterfront Wedding_34

Casy & Trevor – La Crosse, WI Wedding Photographer

What can I say about Casey & Trevor besides that I LOVE these people?! They are so great to others and of course they are so great to each other. I had an absolute BLAST getting to know them more and their beautiful love story. Can you believe they are high school sweethearts? That is so fantastic.

Casey took leadership when it came to wedding planning and she totally nailed it. Her vision and organization skills amazed me. As you’ll see in the images below, her wedding was incredibly stunning as was she!

Casey and Trevor rented several spaces at the Radisson downtown La Crosse to get hair and makeup done and to get dressed. This created a really smooth and easy morning with everyone and everything in one place. The couple opted for a first look right outside the hotel doors. It was such a romantic moment, something they had been waiting years for! Family and friends joined the couple at Riverside park less than a block away for photos. The river and blossomed flowers set the perfect stage for photography.

Wedding vows were exchanged at their local church in La Crescent, MN in front of lots of friends and family. It was so special for Casey and Trevor to have everyone they love witness them becoming a family!

The special day continued with dinner and a whole lot of partying at the Radisson ballroom. Casey’s hard work planning decorations paid off because the place looked absolutely stunning in pink and black. The energy was high and everyone had such a good time celebrating the new Mr. and Mrs.!

Casey and Trevor, you are a phenomenal #powercouple. Thank you so much for inviting Ben and me into your lives! It was an honor photographing your wedding and of course becoming your friends!


La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding1La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding4La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding2La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding3La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding6La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding7La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding8La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding11La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding9La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding5La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding10La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding12La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding14La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding15La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding16La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding17La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding18La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding20La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding19La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding22La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding23La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding24La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding25La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding26La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding27La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding28La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding29La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding30La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding31La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding32La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding33La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding34La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding36La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding35La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding38La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding37La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding39La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding40La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding41La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding42La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding43La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding44La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding45La Crosse WI_Radisson Hotel_WIsconsin Wedding46

Sarah & Jarrett’s Grand Geneva Wedding – Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

Sarah and Jarrett hold a very special place in my heart. Sarah and I grew up across the street from each other and I have always hoped that she would find the most amazing husband some day. I am confident that Jarrett is that perfect man for her. They are absolutely perfect together, just the right mix of goofy and romantic. 🙂

Sarah and Jarrett were so laid back when it came to planning their wedding photographer. Their primary focus was on the fact that they were becoming husband and wife and all the additional decor and planning was just cherries on top! I worked with them to coordinate their timeline so that the day of the wedding was carefree and totally amazing. When I learned that it was going to be at the Grand Geneva resort, I knew it would be a TOTAL hit!

Sarah and the girls were pampered at the onsite salon and dressed in a large reserved space perfect for a big girl party! Jarrett and the men prepped for the day on the opposite side of the resort hotel. This venue has it all! The couple decided to stick with tradition and didn’t see each other until Sarah’s dad walked her down the aisle. It was a small ceremony surrounded by family held on the grounds of the Grand Geneva with the water and fountains as the backdrop. As they read their vows, there was not a dry eye in the audience, these two are surely loved.

Family photos and bridal party pictures were all captured on the golf course just below the ceremony site. The July heat had subsided some and we were able to have a lot of fun walking around and capturing some beautiful images!

Cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing was all held in The Chalet just a little ways down the road from the ceremony site. The summer sun shone through the windows and the room was illuminated with light and love. The couple had custom decor across the venue and even outside on the deck. The look and feel of the party was so warm and inviting. Guests were having an absolute blast and dancing went well into the night. The DJ kept playing hit after hit and these people had something to CELEBRATE!

Sarah and Jarrett. You are such important people, and I am so glad that you have found each other. Enjoy a life of love and laughter and enjoy your images!

All my love, 

Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_1Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_2Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_3Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_4Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_5Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_6Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_7Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_8Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_9Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_10Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_11Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_12Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_14Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_13Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_15Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_16Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_17Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_18Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_20Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_21Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_22Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_19Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_24Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_23Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_26Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_25Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_27Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_28Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_29Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_30Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_31Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_32Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_34Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_33Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_35Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_40Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_36Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_39Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_38Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_37Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_41Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_42Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_43Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_44Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_45Grand Geneva Wedding_Wisconsin Wedding_Lake Geneva_46

Sydney & Ian – La Crosse, WI Wedding Photographer

Sydney and Ian are so in love and so completely down to earth. Their outdoor ceremony at Sydney’s childhood home had the perfect ambiance for their big moment. Family is very important to them Sydney’s mother helped her dress for the day, their dogs walked down the aisle, and Ian’s sister even conducted the service.

The beautiful land surrounding Sydney’s mother’s home provided a beautiful background for family and wedding party photos. There was a large red barn, rolling hills, and fantastic trees in full bloom. The clouds and rain held off just long enough for me to capture those important portraits outside!

The reception was held at the AmericInn in La Crosse, WI. An awesome feature is that the hotel is right on the Mississippi River. Guests were able to spend time relaxing and watching the sunset outdoors after dinner. I took advantage of the sunset too with photos of the couple on the beach nearby.

The delicious dinner and cake was eaten and the dance began! Sydney and Ian’s friends and family filled the dance floor almost instantly. It was a total blast!

Sydney and Ian, thank you so much for inviting me to photograph your wedding. You had such a great day and I know you will have a wonderful life together!

All the best!



Jenna & Blake – Rockford, IL Wedding Photographer

Jenna and Blake are the perfect example of clients that have become life long friends! They are some of the sweetest, funniest, and most wonderful I have met. They showed me kindness and love from the first time we sat down to chat.

Working with them was a breeze. Jenna took the lead and knew exactly what she wanted while still being flexible and accommodating to her friends, family, and vendors. That speaks leaps and bounds about her character, and I am so happy to call her a dear friend.  🙂

This June wedding took place at Holy Family Catholic Church. The traditional Catholic church ceremony was something that Jenna had been dreaming of since she was little. Lifelong vows were made, hymns of joy were sung, and plenty of happy tears were shed!

The wedding party and guests traveled next to the reception at Klehm Arboretum. The venue was decorated beautifully with floral centerpieces and sparkling lights. It was the perfect setting for a summer wedding. There were so many heartfelt speeches and special moments. This couple has SUCH a strong support system of friends and family that were so excited to celebrate this new union.

I photographed the wedding party on the grounds located right at the venue. It was very hot out, but we had lots of shaded space to roam around. The garden has so much variety to it – a photographer’s dream! Later, once the sun was setting, Jenna, Blake, and I snuck out to get some more romantic and relaxed photos while their guests finished dinner inside.

Jenna and Blake, I wish you both all the best that life has to offer. It was an honor to document your love story!




Mitchel & Katlynn – La Crosse, WI Wedding Photographer

Mitchel and Katlynn’s early June wedding fit them perfectly. Check out the three themes of this La Crosse, WI summer day.

#1. They Included Those Closest

Mitchel and Katlynn’s dream wedding followed the theme of family first. The couple decided soon after getting engaged to spend their wedding day with those closest to them. The bride shares, “Family has and always will be the most important thing in our lives.”

The couple was adamant about including their parents and siblings throughout the day. They shared sweet moments that will not soon be forgotten. Katlynn’s older brothers, Nathan and Travis, officiated the ceremony while sister Megan and brother Marcus stood along side them.




#2. They Made the Day Their Own

The location of La Crosse was a must for the couple since their relationship began there. They made the day their own by creating their own decorations, reciting hand written vows, and stopping at their favorite hometown bar.



#3. They Partied..a lot!

Mitchel and Katlynn are far from boring and made their wedding day the same. The couple was seen laughing and enjoying the day at all times. Goofy faces, drinks, silly dances…




I know the Larson’s continue to laugh and love for many years to come.

Katlynn and Mitch, I love you both very much. Thank you for being fantastic clients, and even greater friends. Many many congratulations to you!






Welcome to My Office! – La Crosse, WI Wedding, Family, and Senior Photographer

C’mon in, I’ll make you a cup of coffee!

I have been working so hard, and I’m proud to announce that I now have an office space. I absolutely love having a place for my clients to meet me and check out all the sample albums and artwork that I offer.

Hours of Pinterest searching and many trips to Menards went into creating this space. Trust me, I am no handyman or interior designer, but I am so very proud of how it came together.

If you love any of the pieces as much as I do here are some links to purchase them. I was able to get some really great deals on these items. The key is to find them when they have online sales!

2017-04-27_00012017-04-27_0009Featured in 2016 edition of The Wedding Magazine2017-04-27_00052017-04-27_00022017-04-27_00062017-04-27_00032017-04-27_0010


Thanks for visiting!

xoxo  -Em


7 Tips for a Stress Free Wedding as Told by a Second Photographer – La Crosse, WI Wedding Photographer

by Ben Branson – Emily Jean’s second photographer

My name is Ben, and I’ve been working with Emily as a second shooter since last year.  It’s been a wonderful experience to get to see the love in these young couples as they promise to spend their lives together.

After spending an entire year at weddings, I’ve seen some good ideas and some GREAT ideas. Scroll down to see my top 7 tips to help you as you plan a seamless and smooth wedding day.

Brown_961. Make sure to have food for yourself and your wedding party.

The start of your day until the time you sit down to eat dinner is going to be a long time.  Some brides even have 11 hours from hair and makeup until dinner time.  You’ll be much more comfortable if you’re not hungry.  Bring snacks to have throughout the day and serve lunch for your wedding party. Also, don’t forget to drink water!

2. Make a list of family photos and stick to it.

Family photos can take around 5 minutes per photograph to get everyone in the shot and posed.  It takes even longer when someone who you want in a photograph is nowhere to be found.  Make sure to tell everyone on your family photo list where to be and when to be there. Don’t worry about not putting your whole extended family in these formal photos, your photographer will get shots of the guests throughout. Need help deciding what formal photos you want? Emily and I are here to help!

Jada_Caleb - 68.jpg
3. Consider doing a first look.

A first look before the ceremony is a great opportunity to spend some alone time with your spouse-to-be on your wedding day and provides for some gorgeous photographs. Beside that, we can photograph your bridal party before the wedding and you can focus on partying after you’ve officially tied the knot!  Overall, a first look makes the day go smoother, cuts down on stress, and allows you more time with your guests.

4. Ask your guests not to photograph the ceremony.

Your wedding is a special moment, and chances are that some people are going to want to capture that for you.  The problem is that cell phone cameras can get in your photographer’s way and ruin some images of important moments.  Additionally, you want all eyes to be on you and your spouse. When your guests are trying to get the perfect shot, they may miss the best moments. Packages with Emily include digital files, so your guests can download images from the day if they so choose!

5. Get out on the dance floor!

The newlyweds set the tone for the party, so if you’re not out dancing, your guests won’t be either.  If you want to have a successful dance, it’s essential that you get up and have your bridal party come with you!  DJs are experts on wedding dances, so ask yours for ideas to get everyone on the floor.

6. Give your bridal party a timeline.

Your day will go so much more smoothly if everyone knows where they’re supposed to be and when they’re supposed to be there.   The easiest way to do this is to write out your ideal timeline and make sure everyone has a copy including applicable vendors. Emily will work closely with you to design a timeline that fits your wedding.

7. Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Nobody’s wedding day goes completely as planned, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the perfect day.  You’re there to celebrate the love you and your spouse have with your friends and family. Let the day unfold and cherish the moments; it will be over before you know it!



Steven & Mercedes – Sevilla, Spain – La Crosse, WI Destination Photographer

I traveled to Spain.

From the minute my plane touched down I was overwhelmed with excitement, nervousness, and curiosity. An adventure was before me along with an outstanding privilege to photograph Steve and Mercedes’ Sevilla, Spain wedding.

Mercedes along with her sister and Mother spent the afternoon getting ready in the bridal suite of the beautiful Hisperia Sevilla while Steven got dressed and ready a couple of floors below them. Tradition was very important and pronounced during the day; they decided not to see each other until the ceremony.

Dressed in her intricately designed gown and cathedral veil from The Wedding Tree Mercedes arrived to the ceremony in a 1940’s European car. As you’ll see in the photos below, she made an absolutely stunning bride.

Because there were guests in attendance who spoke solely English and others who only spoke Spanish, the couple had their readings and vows in both languages. It was a true example of how two cultures can come together and become one family, something I wasn’t expecting and was very touched by.

While the guests headed to the reception for wine, tapas, and dancing, Mercedes and Steven took me to one of the most magical places I have ever seen: Plaza de Espana. We captured some romantic nighttime photos lit by the lampposts along the walkways. Photographing at the plaza was an experience that I will never forget – both because it was challenging and so incredibly inspiring.

The evening continued with dancing, drinking, and the merging of two families. Whether or not the families spoke the same language made no difference. There was an abundance of love for the married couple in the room, and that was enough to tie everyone together.

Steven and Mercedes, I could never thank you enough for inviting me to photograph your love story. I love both of you very much, and it was a true honor to be there for you and with you. Being your friend is so rewarding; I cannot wait to see your love and family grow in the years to come.


David and Heather – La Crosse, WI Engagement Photographer

Heather and David have a young, bright, and contagious love. (Just being around them makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside.) They met in college when the program director of their dorm set them up to work on a project together. Fast forward a handful of years, and now they are both entering the workforce and kicking butt as a super couple.

Spending a warm February morning with this super couple was an absolute treat! And yes, you heard that right, warm. It was 60 degrees for their photoshoot. We walked downtown La Crosse picking fun backdrops and spots all along the way.

Heather and David, you are two fantastic people. I cannot wait to capture you at your beautiful Drugan’s wedding this fall. Cheers!